Lifetime Service & Care Plans

We offer Lifetime Service & Care Plans, which covers your jewelry maintenance for life, as long as mandatory inspections every 6 months, are performed.  We strongly suggest Lifetime Service Plans which can be purchased with your jewelry or within the first 30 days for worry free upkeep. If you are not in the middle georgia area, you can ship your item to us for inspection and cleaning, we will be glad to ship it back to you once the job is completed.

(Note: You have 30 days in your designated months to ship or bring your jewelry in for inspection. There is a 50% copay if  a center stone bigger than 0.20 ct has to be replaced. Rhodium dip and sizing is not covered. If an inspection is missed, your Lifetime Service Plan is automatically voided and cannot be reinstated. We are unable to send reminders at this time.)